Update: Philly Marathon, Training, runDisney & More


The Philadelphia Marathon doesn’t have the following of, say, NYC or Chicago or D.C.’s Marine Corps, but last year I found it to be an incredibly fun race with a scenic course, friendly people and really great energy. It was my second marathon ever and I shaved a really ridiculous amount off my first marathon time, so when I got an email saying registration went on sale at midnight on April 1, I did what I had to do:

I’m pretty good at being a night owl but my boyfriend and I just got back from a weeklong trip to Tennessee, and after unpacking, working and running around all day, I ate a giant bowl of mushroom pasta and passed out on the couch whilst watching a DVR’d “Bob’s Burgers” episode. Luckily, my alarm went off and I was one of the first 1,000 people to register — which, in addition to bragging rights, means I got a $20 discount on the initial price of the full marathon. Yeah, I got in for less than a hundo … take that, runDisney.

I can’t wait to go back! Only 236-ish days. Hopefully I’ll be in shape by then.


Speaking of, HOLY SHIT IT’S APRIL, which I have my first NYRR 9+1 race and my first race of the year ON SATURDAY. It’s just a 10K, but I have a GODDAMN HALF MARATHON in Central Park the weekend after that. I had a whole training plan mapped out for the month of March and BASICALLY NOTHING HAPPENED. I am undertrained and slow and terrible. I was entertaining fantasies back in early February of kicking out a time around two hours in this race but I have so many spring races on the horizon, including two half marathons a week apart at the end of May that I wanted to be SERIOUS about, so I’m guessing I should treat this first half marathon of the year as a long, slow training run. It’ll be really hard not to push myself due to race-day adrenaline but I don’t want to risk getting hurt and fucking up My Year Of A Billion Races.


I mentioned that I was in Tennessee, yes? I blogged from my AMAZING Airbnb condo in Nashville about my Memphis exploits (Graceland and the zoo) but I also had a million fun experiences in Nashville, including visiting the Loveless Café, the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Johnny Cash Museum and Jack White’s Third Man Records, plus hitting up live music and cheap beer all over downtown and eating the hottest/spiciest fried chicken I’ve ever consumed (and I ordered it MILD).

IMG_2208 IMG_2223 IMG_2295 IMG_2299 IMG_2294 IMG_2296 IMG_2350 IMG_2351 IMG_2352 IMG_2318 IMG_2344 IMG_2353 IMG_2354 IMG_2266


While I was in Tennessee, runDisney responded to the bib/packet pickup outrage and reinstituted its original policy allowing others to accept packets at the expos for all the races that already had registration open for some time, including the two I’m doing this year (the Disneyland Half and the Wine & Dine Half). This was a nice mea culpa — these are a destination races for most runners; people obviously start planning their days off, flights and accommodations immediately after they register, and many of those people make arrangements for friends or family members to be on pickup duty because most people don’t have loads of vacation days or boxes of money for park tickets and themed hotels just sitting around.

I always make time for the expos — I don’t really get excited for them and I never buy any merch at all, but I just like the security of being at my destination early enough before the race and dealing with all the minutia in person just in case of any possible snafus. I was planning on (and still am planning on) being at the expos for the Disneyland Half and Wine & Dine Half. And after Wine & Dine, starting with runDisney’s new Avengers Half in California, runDisney is putting its new pickup policy back in place: runners MUST attend the expo and pick up their own materials.


Have I mentioned that I think I might do (be?!) Dopey in January 2015?! Oh god. I think I need to have a little chat with Nicole and Jenn before I can say I’m 100 percent on board, because they’re the ones pushing me in this direction (PEER PRESSURE) and I need to have at least an idea of what my living situation is going to be like for that week (WEEK!) in Lake Buena Vista next year. But I get excited whenever I contemplate it, and I think it would be a really great way to cap off a year that will hopefully be filled with no serious injuries or setbacks, a bunch of successful races and an entry into the 2015 NYC Marathon.

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9 thoughts on “Update: Philly Marathon, Training, runDisney & More

  1. I’ve never been to Nashville, but I totally think I would LOVE it! I really want to do a race there one day (seems like the perfect reason to go!).

    And you should totally do Dopey! I think I’m going to do “just” Goofy this year since the 4 EARLY mornings in a row were a bit much for me, but I’m glad I did it at least once!

    • I’m in total Nashville withdrawal right now. It was so fun! I went running a few times while I was there too … the city has really, really beautiful spots but it was way hillier than than I thought it would be!

      I think I’ve been coerced into Dopey! I love the full marathon and I thought about just tacking on the half and doing Goofy, but I actually had a pretty good time running the inaugural 10K, and what’s another 3.1 miles on top of that? MIGHT AS WELL!

  2. Any news about Disney World and therinted policy that only the runner ca pick up their own packet, during normal expo hours? I am I a work related situation where this is going to be a problem.

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