Kill Refurb Marry: World Showcase Counter Service

In case you didn’t know, This Happy Place Blog and Mouse on the Mind are two of the best Disney blogs around that happen to be run by two wonderful, sweet, charming people. They also host a monthly “blog hop” in which they invite other Disney-minded bloggers to participate in a friendly game of “Kill Refurb Marry” with Disney attractions, events or places (Kill Refurb Marry being a less dirty, more Disney-focused version of the game I referred to as “Kill Fuck Marry” with my college roommate).


The theme this month is World Showcase Counter Service. At first, I thought this one was a doozy — whenever I’m in EPCOT, I am usually attempting to Drink Around the World OR it’s the day after the WDW Marathon and I have ADRs for fancy table-service places because DAMMIT I’VE EARNED IT. Or both. Frequently both. The thing is, when you’re trying to sample an alcoholic beverage from each country pavilion and also trying to save room for a fancy lunch and dinner means that you’re not really visiting the pavilions’ counter service options.

I’ve skipped some KFM rounds before, partly because I am a terrible blogger but also because I didn’t really feel I had strong enough opinions on the given topic to warrant a whole post. My initial thought was the same for this topic, but then I pondered it a moment and realized that actually I DID have some pretty strong opinions. So let’s get to them…

KILL: Liberty Inn, The American Adventure Pavilion

Do you think I have a picture of the Liberty Inn?! Because I do not. This is from the WDW website.

Do you think I have a picture of the Liberty Inn?! Because I do not. Of course I don’t. This is from the WDW website.

Fuuuuuck the Liberty Inn. And not the good kind of fuck, like from Kill Fuck Marry … I mean this place is the worst eatery in World Showcase and let’s get torches like Gaston and the villagers in “Beauty and the Beast” and burn it to the ground. We all know this place just exists for the kids (and — dare I say it — super uncultured adults) who get halfway around World Showcase and get all tantrum-y because they’re hungry and god forbid they eat something interesting in Japan or Morocco, those picky bastards. So they go to the MOST MUNDANE PLACE IN ALL OF WORLD SHOWCASE and eat, like, hot dogs and fish nuggets and chicken tenders or some other Middle America blue collar nonsense even though they are literally surrounded by amazing international culinary delights.

I mean, fine. I like corn dogs and chicky nugz and all that, to be honest, and I realize some people have dietary restrictions and some people have whiny kids and some people just never developed a taste for anything more exotic than McDonald’s but this place just DEPRESSES me. Can’t America at least have a nice table-service steakhouse? Oh, I guess Canada has that. Maybe some kind of BBQ joint? I guess it wouldn’t really fit in with the colonial thing they have going on, but I’ve never seen any paintings of our forefathers enjoying funnel cakes…

SIDE NOTE: The first time I ever tried sushi was at the Japan Pavilion when I was a kid. I was terrified of it, but I tried it anyway. And now I eat it like twice a week! Just a little reminder to EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS.

REFURB: Lotus Blossom Café, China Pavilion

I also do not have a picture of the Lotus Blossom Café. This pic from the WDW site makes this place look a lot more picturesque than it always seems to actually be.

I also do not have a picture of the Lotus Blossom Café. This pic from the WDW site makes this place look a lot more picturesque than it always seems to actually be.

Speaking of DEPRESSING, the Lotus Blossom Café is right the hell up there. Like five standard greasy Americanized Chinese menu options, including orange chicken, fried rice, some kind of soup … you get the idea. Having a quick-service Chinese joint isn’t a bad idea or anything; I’d just like to recall the menu and help Lotus Blossom go from Panda Express to, like, at least P.F. Chang’s. Then maybe I’d eat there again.

MARRY: Sommerfest, Germany Pavilion

Pic via Disney because look how nice and uncrowded it is...

Pic via Disney because look how nice and uncrowded it is…

Honestly, German food doesn’t really do it for me. I’m from Wisconsin, but I can take or leave bratwurst, and sauerkraut has always been repulsive to me. The overwhelming kraut-y smell is probably the No. 1 reason I haven’t been to Biergarten in the pavilion for many, many years. But beer is good and soft pretzels are nice and caramel is AMAZING, so I’ve been coming around to the Germany Pavilion as a food destination lately.

Right before I went to WDW last November for my Wine & Dine trip, I read on the Disney Food Blog that the Sommerfest stand in Germany had updated their menu a bit. The location is right by the entrance to Biergarten, so it’s a bit odd — some people seemed to think it was a Biergarten check-in desk, even though there were menus posted and cash registers and food windows. And other than the confused people, there was no line at all, even though there were INSANE lines for the beer and pretzel kiosks just yards away. It’s barely hidden, but it was hidden, and that was awesome.


The reason I went was for the nudel gratin — it’s been a staple at the Biergarten buffet for some time, but they’ve now added it in little single-serve portions at the Sommerfest window.


Basically, it’s mac and cheese. A super cheesy, super greasy, kinda custardy, crusty-on-top mac and cheese. And it’s AMAZING.

Did I mention the price? It’s $3.49. Yes. You will pay less than four fucking dollars for this carby, cheesy wondrousness that will help soak up all the international booze sloshing around in your system and actually tide you over for awhile.


I got some to hold me over during Food & Wine, and I dragged my boyfriend back there for some while we were Drinking Around the World in January the day after the marathon. Yeah, we were going to eat a fancy dinner that night, but it got us past the late-afternoon, alcohol-fueled munchies.

If for whatever reason you’re not interested in the nudel gratin (which is stupid, because you really should be SUPER INTERESTED IN THE NUDEL GRATIN), Sommerfest also has kraut-topped dogz, meaty sandwiches, currywurst and potato salad. AND that awesome grapefruit beer that used to only be available during the International Food & Wine Festival.


17 thoughts on “Kill Refurb Marry: World Showcase Counter Service

  1. I really wanted to marry Sommerfest even though I never went there. Then I realized it wouldn’t be very fair. haha. SO I WANT TO GO THERE. It’s on the list! I love how you wrote this. I laughed a lot esp at “expand your horizons” because it is such an Epcot joke! ;) P.S. Great minds … we both want a bbq joint in the US!

  2. I think that I could just eat pretzels from Sommerfest and drink the beer there at every meal in World Showcase. Love it, and it’s perfect for a night at EPCOT. Liberty Inn; ugh.

  3. I’ve never been to Somerfest because like you, I’m really not a fan of German food (despite my heritage) and I hate the smell of sauerkraut! But you make it sound pretty good and worth a try!

  4. I just tried to comment and I don’t know if it went through…so this may be a dupe… but! I had no idea that they have the nudel gratin at sommerfest! It’s one of my favorites at food & wine fest and I get it a minimum of 3 times per food & wine trip. So happy to hear it’s available year round!

  5. That Liberty Inn shot makes it look downright majestic. LIES!

    I’m so happy to hear about the noodle gratin- I’m already penciling in a stop for noodles and grapefruit beer on my next visit…

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