In Case You Missed It: Dec. 18, 2013

Oh my god, I know it’s been a million years now since my Wine & Dine trip — not to mention since I did one of these link roundups — and I haven’t recapped the race or the #WineDineHalfMeetup yet, or anything real substantial, for that matter. (Estelle did!) Frankly, those things take time to recap and I don’t want to leave anything out and I want to be able to have reflected on it, but I’m probably banned from any future runDisney meetups now because I didn’t tweet about it in real time and post a recap within a 24-hour period. THEY REALLY WANTED US TO WRITE ABOUT IT IMMEDIATELY. SORRY DUDES, THAT’S NOT MY STYLE. Guh.

I did manage to spit out a rather lengthy complaint about MyMagic+. People had some thoughts. IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO ADD YOURS…

I wrote a bunch of other posts which I usually link to, but come on people, you’re already here, just scroll down (unless you’re in a reader thing, in which case, click out of it). You can handle it.

Here are some posts I loved reading recently:

When I heard the sad news that Diane Disney Miller had passed away, I knew I could count on Jim Korkis of MousePlanet to pay an excellent tribute.

On a happier note, the Disney Hipsters continue documenting the greatest flea-market find in the history of the world.

Who wants to get drunk and do this with me?

Experimental Prototype Callgirls Of Tomorrow is maybe the greatest post title ever. Cheers, Progress City, USA.

Estelle and I had some Carousel of Progress adventures on our trip! And she recently posted a CoP-inspired outfit, which I looove. Also apparently she needs some convincing that Toms are, like, the greatest shoes ever, especially for parkgoing.

This post on the Disney Parks Blog for Walt’s birthday was really sweet. In more than one way.

Just when I was lamenting the fact that the International Food & Wine Festival is over, EPCOT basically starts a new one … “Holidays Around the World” even has a passport like Food & Wine, according to the Disney Food Blog. I desperately want to experience this. I’m a sucker for all this EPCOT-as-food-court nonsense.

Here are some #WineDineHalfMeetup recaps:

Here’s Heather’s take on the night. I’m a longtime reader of her blog Through Heather’s Looking Glass — starting back when it was called Running with Sass — and I awkwardly introduced myself to her right before the group run. I’m always hoping I don’t come off as creepy.

Somewhat less awkward than meeting my “blog celebrities” was meeting people that I didn’t have any previous knowledge of! I met the good folks behind Monorail Media during the meetup’s fun run portion. Here’s their take on the “Runner’s Night Out.”

Here are some Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend recaps:

Before the half marathon, there’s the Jingle Jungle 5K! KJ at Plus the Magic ran her first runDisney race ever (and then saw Estelle and me at the Magic Kingdom)!

Heather’s recap, as always, is quite extensive and picture-laden!

More race photos from Monorail Media!

I make an appearance in Estelle’s old friend Jessi’s recap over on The Simple Life! It was so fun meeting and hanging out with People I Know From The Internet!

Over at Pink Elephant on Parade, I also make an appearance in Nicole’s recap since I came over to her and demanded that she talk to me while we were passing time in Corral D. But yeah, I was psyched to meet her, she’s easily one of the funniest and least Pod People-y of all the runDisney bloggers out there.


Yeah I dunno who those people are BUT CHECK OUT MY SWEET TATTOOED ARM. Photo via runDisney.

Yeah I dunno who those people are BUT CHECK OUT MY SWEET TATTOOED ARM. Photo via runDisney.

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8 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It: Dec. 18, 2013

  1. Hiiiii! I love your blog! So happy to have met you : ) AND we can have champagne in the Belmont Lounge at the Boardwalk and call those phone booths. Absolutely serious. Jenn’s idea of Sake in Japan in great too. We are down for whatever.

    • Ha like I’ll even catch up to you with your Corral G start! I never really started up running after Philly because my knee hurt a bit and now that it feels mostly OK I am deathly afraid of the ice that’s everywhere and I don’t have a goddamn gym membership anymore so basically I am going to fall down and get trampled à la Mufasa in January…

      • if it makes you feel better, by that point I will be crawling and hating Florida highways and thinking, “my sister was right… I was more fun fat and lazy…”
        And I’m fortunately south enough that when you get snow we just get rain. thanks for being a gross, swampy mess, DC.

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